Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I woke up with this thing on my bed!

last year (MAY 2009) my mom gave me a PANASONIC LUMIX LX3 CAMERA
today I woke up with this thing on my bed!



  1. Wow! It's a beauty!! Mothers' are always the greatest =)

  2. Yay mom! Great thing to wake up to!

    Sarah Jane

  3. ang sweet naman ng nanay mo!!!!!

  4. OMG thats what I want too :) your mom is cool!

  5. wow nman!ur mom is so sweet aika!I want din ganyan na cam e :( nainggit?lol

  6. it's been like forever since i dropped by your blog,hun.
    im so sorry for not being able to...

    congrats on getting a great cam,hun!
    im pretty sure you'll have a grand time using it!

  7. wow!!! ang ganda!!! sample shots dear!!!! excited ako.. hehe

  8. Pwede ba akong magpa ampon kay mother? hahahaha!

    Congrats on having a great mom!

  9. wow youre lucky to have your mom! hehe anyway regarding my question on your other post, i wonder where you buy your stuff in tutuban. i occasionally go there but i rarely find stuff. youre a good shopper :)

  10. Oh wow! Lucky you! =D

    Pwede pa-adopt sa mom mo? Hehehe... Kidding. =)

  11. moms really knows the best!! i miss my mom tuloy sis... your mom and my mom were the same... mom use to surprise me all the time as well especially with gadgets... :) aww.. you made me miss mom!!

    congrats with that sis! i can't wait to see your shots!!

  12. Wow! Lucky you!
    I'm completely inlove with my 500D. I think you will be with your 550D too. ;)
    I can't wait to see your shots as well.
    Have Fun with it.

  13. Hey! glad to hear from you at my blog. :) I'm also still learning. I've encountered tutorials at youtube and other websites. The videos at youtube helped me a lot. :) Happy shooting!

  14. Kapatid!!! Lika mag pictorial na tayo!!!! Got mine na rin salamat sa mga loved ones natin! ha ha ha!

  15. Good camera/ But haw on it maiking fotore for3 ureself?
    If u phograper u do photo fore all but hawent photo fore ureself, isent it?

    If u plastick docktor u maiking beutifol all world, but cant maiking operation fore ureself.
    It is reall life.

    Хорошая камера. Но как сфотогафировать саму себя.
    Если ты хороший фотогаф то фотогафиуешь все вокруг, но у тебя нет своих фотографий.

    Если ты пластический хирург, то ты делаешь мир красивей, но сам не можешь сделать себе перацию.
    Правда жизни.