Thursday, April 21, 2011


we're going to the beach tom and hopefully we can take advantage of the scenery and make an impromptu photoshoot hahaha :D

the dress was inspired by the F&H's cover up dress
been eying for this dress for a long time but it was too short for me :(
(the disadvantage of being tall)

I immediately went to divisoria to buy some fabrics but most of the stores are closed luckily I found a FLORAL CHIFFON fabric
went to ask my seamstress if she can make one for me I gave her the fabric @ 12noon and got the dresses @ 6pm yey me!

so here's the final result


  1. I looooove the yellow one!! :)

  2. where do you buy your clothes?

  3. thanks MICHELLE :D

    thanks kelly :D

    hello ANON the maxi dress is custom made :)

  4. wow aika, i dont know a seamstress who can finish making stuff in 6 hours, most of them would ask customers to go back after a couple of days. lucky you! :) love them! theyre pretty! <3

  5. pretty..she's fast huh??:) is it expensive?

  6. How much did the seamstress charge you? Ang saya naman, you had TWO custom-made dresses in just six hours :)

  7. that is awesome. they are so pretty. how much were they? :PP

  8. Hi there. I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I will be going to the Philippines sometime in October of this year (Staying in Makati area) and I might possibly need a seamtress to work on a dress I need for my cousin's wedding. And judging from your posts, your seamstress does a great job! Do you mind emailing me any information that I may need to find her? My email address is: I would greatly appreciate it, Salamat!

    Btw the two dresses are Fierce!