Sunday, January 4, 2009


A recessionista is someone who seeks out fashionable items which are also low-cost. This term is a portmanteau of “recession” and “fashionista.” Recessionistas aren't going to let a thing like a poor economy stand in the way of fashionable dressing, and they may develop a distinctive and unique style using low-cost but still fashionable items.

Many people turn into recessionistas by necessity. When the economy experiences problems, paychecks tend to fall in response, and people have to think about new ways to use their money, ensuring that their money goes further, since they have less of it. For people who place fashion at a premium, coping with a downturn in the economy usually involves rethinking fashion, and coming up with new ways to dress stylishly.

A recessionista might hit discount stores which offer designer goods at low prices, or stores which focus on offering low-cost, stylish clothing. Many companies have realized that the recessionista market is a well of untapped potential, and they have responded by making contracts with well-known designers for flashy lines of clothing that won't break the bank. Others have long-established positions in the niche market of discounted or low-cost clothing, and they take advantage of recessions to promote their business model.

New clothes aren't the only option for a recessionista. Many hit consignment stores, where used high-quality clothing is sold at low prices, or they scour the racks of thrift stores for stylish bargains. Thrift store shopping can sometimes yield very interesting garments which are also one of a kind, allowing a recessionista to stand out from the crowd. Others may sew their own garments or modify clothing to make it more stylish.

Fashion on a budget does not have to be dull, and many a recessionista can be seen stylishly turned out in cities all over the world. When the economy picks up again, a recessionista may continue his or her low-cost buying habits, thereby saving money for a rainy day or a particularly fabulous purchase.

Becoming a recessionista can take some work, especially for people who are accustomed to big fashion budgets. Many people like to start with basic garments which can be dressed up with stylish accessories like shoes, scarves, and jewelry. Sometimes a few more expensive items can be used strategically to flesh out a more low-cost wardrobe; for example, a really good pair of shoes can be used in a variety of ways, justifying a comparatively higher cost.

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